Mahakaushal University, Jabalpur

Mahakaushal University

Established Under Govt. of M.P. Act No. 11 of 2021
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+91 9981360102

Faculty of Education & Physical Education

Welcome to the Faculty of Education & Physical Education at Mahakaushal University. Our commitment to education extends beyond conventional boundaries, embracing inclusivity and specialized training to shape educators who can make a difference in every student’s life.

B.Ed. Special Education (Intellectual Disability):

Our B.Ed. Special Education program with a focus on intellectual disability empowers aspiring educators with specialized knowledge and techniques to cater to the needs of intellectually disabled students. Through a comprehensive curriculum, we equip our students with the skills to provide effective and supportive teaching, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Training for Educating Intellectually Disabled Students:

At Mahakaushal University, we understand the importance of tailored approaches in education. Our B.Ed. Special Education program provides practical training on how to effectively engage and educate intellectually disabled students. From curriculum adaptation to behavior management, our program equips educators with strategies that promote growth, learning, and self-esteem.

Join us in this noble journey of shaping educators who champion diversity, empathy, and transformation. At Mahakaushal University, we believe that education has the power to uplift and empower every individual, regardless of their abilities. Your path to becoming an inclusive educator begins here.

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